Fresh Produce


Weekly veggie boxes, packed with local, seasonal, chemical-free food.

Each week you get a variety of different vegetables.

You will get what is seasonally available.

(We can't supply ALL produce ALL the time. But what we do grow is fresh, seasonal and chemical-free. It's better for you and the planet!)

If we don't grow it we only source from Farms that meet our two requirements

1. It must grow within a 50 km radius of our Farm

2. It must be Organic or Grown without chemicals

Winter 2018 

Our Winter veggie boxes will include a mix of in-season vegies.
The box contents will vary each week.
It will contain:


*Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes

*3 x Greens (Including Kale, Silver Beet, Mustard Greens, Cabbage, Pak Choi, Mixed Salad Greens, Spring Onions)

*3-4 x Other Veg (Radish, Turnips, Parsnips, Pumpkin, Snow Peas, Beans, Fennel, Beetroot)

How it works


You can buy one Veggie box at a time.

Or sign up for four boxes at a time. You can chose to pick up weekly or fortnightly. Ordering four at a time ensures you don't miss out as we only have a limited number of boxes each week and helps us plant and pick more efficiently.

Payment is made in Cash when you collect each Box.

Each Thursday the listing will be updated, letting you know what will be in the coming weeks veggie box.

Pick up will be available on a Tuesday at the Sphinx Rock Cafe or you can pick up at 3 Wishes Farm.

We are about 1 km north of the Sphinx Cafe (The Rainbow House)

Other Produce


Seasonally we have extra produce you can add to your order

This will include Garlic, Ginger and Turmeric.

Seasonally Avocados and fruit.

Honey, Jams and Preserves.

And we excited to say we will soon have a local supplier of Organic Rice and Flour.